Company Profile
Shenzhen Hengye Hui Technology Co. Ltd. is located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong China Pinghu Street (Southern China city next to) new wood community Zhao Chen Dong B Industrial Park, covers an area of 3000 square meters, is a professional design and development, mold manufacturing, injection molding production, assembly, sales through-train Service Corporation, equipment: (injection molding machine, CNC machining center, mold manufacturing equipment, assembly line line, etc.)
Product categories: vehicle traveling data recorder bracket, GPS navigator frame, mobile car bracket, MID, tablet PC, IPAD car bracket, the motion of DV bracket.
Our tenet: quality first, quasi delivery, customer satisfaction is our pursuit, in good faith for the user services, welcome you to call us, thank you.
  • Southeast Asia seven day tour

    During the National Day in 2016, all members of the company in Southeast Asia seven days tour, enjoy the exotic, fully relieve the pressure for the cause of the company to make greater contributions +More

  • Domestic three-day tour

    March 2017 holiday, the company all members of the three-day tour in the country, playing very enjoy,including Fujian provinces +More

  • Hong Kong

    February 20, 2017, Zheng with all the people to Hong Kong to see the night, made a hard-working vision</P><P> +More

  • Malaysian Paradise hole

    March 27, 2017 the company all the staff to the Malaysian Paradise hole play, people coming and going, never tired +More

  • Drinking water is actually a great knowledge of how to drink to health

    Water is the basis of all life activities, for humans, water is a necessary condition for human survival and development. People can not survive without water, while not the right to drink will seriously affect the health of human health, in fact, drinking water is also a big question +More

  • Tell you why water purifier!

    For water purifiers, there are a lot of people in the uphold the wait-and-see attitude, it does not matter, because never understand to understand, never accept the need to receive a process +More

  • Drink well and drink healthy water

    Water is the source of life, all human life activities are inseparable from the water. However, with the rapid development of industrialization, water pollution is serious, on the other hand, municipal water pipe aging and other factors have become a factor in urban water pollution +More

  • Straight water dispenser enterprises go out of the country bar stable "horse" is the key

    Early from the market economy, many Chinese enterprises will go to the international market as the ultimate dream of their own business development. It is "going out of the country, to the international market" as a slogan, spread throughout the motherland north and south +More

  • Household kitchen water purifier to remove the yellow water troubles

    The term "household kitchen water purifier" may not be familiar to you a few years ago, but as more and more people are concerned about their health and attention to imported beverages and food, the water purifier has changed. Not unfamiliar +More